5 Best Labneh Cheese Substitutes

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The best Labneh cheese substitutes are Greek yogurt, Mascarpone cheese, Cream cheese, Ricotta cheese, and Sour cream.

Recently, while exploring various recipes requiring Labneh cheese, I noticed a recurring challenge among fellow cooking enthusiasts who struggled to find this Middle Eastern delight in their local stores. Inspired by their search for alternatives to Labneh cheese, I delved into researching and writing an article on Labneh cheese substitutes. 

It’s fascinating to witness a shared passion for diverse cuisines and the determination to create delicious dishes, even when faced with ingredient limitations. This experience highlighted the significance of accessible alternatives, prompting me to offer practical suggestions for those who want to make dishes without compromising flavor.

What is Labneh Cheese?

Labneh cheese is a Middle Eastern dairy product with origins dating back centuries. It’s made by straining yogurt to remove excess whey, resulting in a thicker, creamier consistency. The process involves adding salt to the yogurt before straining, contributing to its unique taste.

Originating from the Levant region, Labneh has become a staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Its tangy flavor and versatile texture make it suitable for various dishes, from spreads to dips. Labneh is often enjoyed with olive oil, herbs, or as a base for savory or sweet toppings. This simple yet flavorful cheese has gained popularity worldwide for its rich taste and culinary flexibility.

What’s a Substitute for Labneh Cheese?

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt - Labneh cheese substitutes

If you enjoy strained yogurts like Labneh, Greek yogurt makes for a fantastic Labneh cheese substitute. Similar in taste and texture, Greek yogurt is crafted with whole milk, resulting in a richer and creamier consistency compared to regular yogurt. While not as dense as Labneh, it strikes a balance between the two. 

Moreover, Greek yogurt is a notable source of protein, making it an excellent option for breakfast or snacks. Its lower lactose content also makes it easier to digest, catering to those with dairy sensitivities. If you’re seeking a healthy and protein-packed addition to your diet, Greek yogurt is worth a try.

2. Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone cheese, known for its creamy texture and sweet flavor, is a delightful Italian alternative to Labneh cheese. Commonly featured in desserts like tiramisu or as a spread for bread and crackers, Mascarpone can seamlessly replace Labneh in certain recipes. 

While sharing similarities with cream cheese in taste and texture, Mascarpone boasts a sweeter and richer profile. Crafted from slowly heated and cooled cream, this process imparts its characteristic thick and creamy texture. 

Mascarpone is readily available online or at most large supermarkets. When used as a Labneh substitute, it adds a delicious twist to savory dishes like pasta or pizza, showcasing its versatility in the kitchen.

3. Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese - Labneh cheese substitutes

Cream cheese, with its delightful richness and smooth, creamy texture, is a delectable replacement for Labneh cheese. Ideal for spreading on toast, bagels, or crackers, cream cheese boasts a mildly tangy flavor that’s hard to resist. Its versatility extends to being a suitable replacement for other cheeses in various recipes. 

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to cream cheese, consider trying Labneh. Made from strained yogurt, Labneh shares a similar consistency with cream cheese but is lower in fat and calories, making it a prudent choice for those mindful of their diet. To substitute cream cheese for Labneh in a recipe, simply use an equal amount of each cheese, resulting in a dish that’s just as delicious but slightly healthier.

4. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese, known for its versatility and delicious profile, serves as an excellent substitute for Labneh cheese. With a mild, slightly sweet flavor and a creamy, smooth texture, ricotta is a versatile ingredient suitable for both sweet and savory dishes. 

Traditionally used in Italian cuisine for lasagna and desserts like cheesecake and cannoli, ricotta offers a comparable taste and texture to Labneh when used as a substitute. Made from whey, a byproduct of other cheese production, ricotta can be conveniently found in the dairy section of most grocery stores. It should be stored in the fridge and consumed within a week of opening to maintain its freshness.

5. Sour Cream

Sour cream - substitute for labneh cheese

Sour cream, a thick and creamy dairy product made by adding lactic acid to milk, serves as a suitable Labneh cheese alternative. With its slightly sour taste and dense, velvety texture, sour cream is commonly used as a topping for baked potatoes, tacos, and various dishes. 

When compared to Labneh, a yogurt cheese with similar taste and texture, sour cream can seamlessly take its place. To substitute sour cream for Labneh cheese, a simple adjustment can be made by adding a bit of lemon juice or vinegar to the sour cream, achieving the desired level of tartness and maintaining the essence of Labneh in recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Labneh the Same as Greek Yogurt?

No, Labneh is not the same as Greek yogurt. While both are dairy products made from yogurt, they undergo different processes. Labneh is yogurt that has been strained to remove whey, resulting in a thicker, cheese-like consistency with a tangy flavor. On the other hand, Greek yogurt is yogurt that has been strained to remove whey as well, but it retains a creamier texture compared to Labneh.

Is Labneh the Same as Cream Cheese?

No, Labneh is not the same as cream cheese. Labneh is a strained yogurt cheese with a tangy flavor, while cream cheese is made from cream and has a milder taste. Labneh is produced by straining yogurt to remove whey, resulting in a thicker consistency, whereas cream cheese is made through the curdling of cream and has a smoother texture. 

What Is Another Name for Labneh Cheese?

Another name for Labneh cheese is “strained yogurt” or simply “yogurt cheese.” Labneh is essentially yogurt that has been strained to remove whey, resulting in a thicker and creamier consistency. It’s a common term used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, and depending on the region, you might also hear it referred to as “Lebni” or “Labaneh.”

What Is the English Name for Labneh?

The English name for Labneh is typically “strained yogurt” or “yogurt cheese.” It accurately describes the process of straining yogurt to achieve a thicker and more cheese-like consistency, which is the defining characteristic of Labneh.

Can You Use Yogurt Instead of Labneh?

Yes, you can use yogurt instead of Labneh, but there will be differences in texture and flavor. Labneh is essentially strained yogurt, so substituting yogurt will give you a similar tangy taste, but it might lack the thickness and creaminess of authentic Labneh. To achieve a closer match, you can strain regular yogurt by placing it in cheesecloth to remove excess whey, mimicking the consistency of Labneh to some extent.

Is Labneh Similar to Mascarpone?

No, Labneh is not similar to Mascarpone. Labneh is a strained yogurt cheese with a tangy flavor, while Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese known for its rich and mild taste. Labneh is made by straining yogurt to remove whey, resulting in a thicker consistency, while Mascarpone is produced by curdling cream with an acidic substance.


Finding Labneh cheese might be tricky, but fear not! There are fantastic substitutes available. 

Whether it’s the creaminess of Greek yogurt, the sweetness of Mascarpone, the versatility of cream cheese, the mildness of ricotta, or the tanginess of sour cream, there’s an option for every dish. Don’t hesitate to explore these substitutes for Labneh cheese in your recipes, and you’ll still achieve that delicious taste and texture you crave.

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