13 Amazing Eden Cheese Substitutes

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Some of the best Eden cheese substitutes are Velveeta cheese, Cheddar cheese, Feta cheese, Ricotta cheese, and Swiss cheese.

I’ve noticed lots of folks complaining about not finding Eden Cheese for their recipes. It got me thinking about substitutes. After trying different options, I found some that match Eden’s creamy goodness. So, I decided to write an article about it. I wanted to help out those struggling to find Eden Cheese for their dishes. My goal was to give them practical alternatives they could easily use in their recipes.

So, I’ll be sharing some amazing substitutes for Eden cheese in this article.

What is Eden Cheese?

Eden Cheese is a popular brand of processed cheese that originated in the Philippines. It’s made by Kraft Foods and has been a staple in Filipino households for years. This cheese comes in a distinctive rectangular box, and it’s known for its creamy and mild flavor. 

Eden Cheese is versatile and can be used in various recipes, from sandwiches to pasta dishes. It’s often chosen for its convenience and ability to melt smoothly. While it’s widely enjoyed in the Philippines, it has also gained popularity in other parts of the world for its unique taste and texture.

What Are Some Good Eden Cheese Substitutes?

1. Velveeta Cheese

Much like Eden Cheese, Velveeta cheese, a processed cheese from Kraft, is an excellent Eden cheese substitute in recipes like mac and cheese. Despite having a saltier taste, Velveeta’s texture closely matches Eden’s, making it a reliable alternative. 

While Eden has a light yellow hue, Velveeta leans towards an orange shade, creating a slight visual difference in dishes. However, this substitution remains appealing. Additionally, Velveeta’s widespread availability and affordability in the US make it a convenient choice, likely found in many households or easily accessible at local stores.

2. Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese - Eden Cheese substitute

A readily available substitute for Eden Cheese is Cheddar cheese, particularly mild Cheddar for a closer flavor and texture match. Mild Cheddar shares a smooth texture and a less intense saltiness, making it an ideal alternative. If only sharp Cheddar is on hand, it can still work, but it imparts a more robust flavor. 

In such cases, adjusting the recipe to use less cheese helps avoid an overpowering taste. To maintain a closer appearance to Eden, opt for white Cheddar rather than orange Cheddar, as white Cheddar mirrors Eden’s light yellow hue more closely.

3. Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese - Eden Cheese alternative

Feta cheese is a convenient Eden Cheese substitute due to its widespread availability in almost every grocery store. While it offers a similar salty taste, it’s important to note that it doesn’t precisely match Eden’s flavor as it carries a tangy element. 

Feta works well in dishes with a hint of tanginess, such as salad recipes, won’t impact the overall result. However, it’s crucial to recognize that unlike Eden cheese, feta doesn’t melt effectively; it simply softens. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid using feta as a replacement in recipes specifically calling for melted Eden cheese.

4. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese - Eden Cheese substitute

Ricotta cheese proves to be a suitable alternative to Eden Cheese, with its rich and creamy texture resembling Eden. This makes it an excellent choice in recipes where flavor plays a crucial role, such as in sandwiches and sauces. Ricotta’s versatility, characterized by its neutral and mild taste, allows it to adapt well to various dishes. 

While it lacks Eden’s melting ability, ricotta blends seamlessly with other ingredients. Its lumpy texture adds a delightful element, making it a preferred option for those who appreciate chunks of cheese in their food.

5. Swiss Cheese

swiss cheese - Eden Cheese replacement

For a substitute with excellent melting ability akin to Eden, Swiss cheese, particularly Emmentaler, is an ideal choice. Recognized for its iconic large “eyes” or holes, Swiss cheese mirrors Eden’s flavor profile with a rich and creamy taste. 

Notably, Swiss cheese boasts a lower sodium content compared to Eden, making it a preferable option for those mindful of their salt intake. Given its melting capabilities, Swiss cheese seamlessly steps in for Eden in recipes requiring melted cheese. It excels in dishes like cheese fondue, where its slightly nutty taste enhances the overall flavor.

6. Gouda Cheese

Gouda Cheese - Eden Cheese substitute

Gouda cheese stands out as one of the top substitutes for Eden Cheese, known for its widespread popularity and accessibility. Available in pre-cut portions, Gouda is convenient to use without requiring the purchase of a whole wheel. 

While Gouda has a firmer and drier texture compared to Eden, the disparity diminishes when melted, as Gouda achieves a beautiful melt. The significant distinction lies in the sweet taste of Gouda, adding a unique flavor note to dishes. Although there is a slight flavor difference, Gouda effectively steps in as a substitute for Eden in various recipes.

7. Mozzarella Cheese

Mozarrella cheese - Eden Cheese substitute

Mozzarella cheese is another versatile replacement for Eden Cheese, particularly appreciated for its stringy texture that delivers a satisfying cheese pull when heated. Distinct from Eden, which melts into a pool of cheese, mozzarella maintains its stringiness, providing a different mouthfeel. 

While mozzarella boasts a subtle flavor compared to Eden’s saltiness, it becomes advantageous when seeking a less salty taste in dishes. However, it’s essential to note that the overall flavor might lean towards the blander side. Mozzarella becomes an excellent option for those finding Eden too salty or when other ingredients in the recipe contribute to a salty flavor.

8. Fontina Cheese

Fontina cheese proves to be a versatile Eden Cheese substitute in various recipes. This table cheese also excels as a melting cheese, making it suitable for dishes like cheese dips, similar to Eden. 

However, the distinctive nutty taste of Fontina sets it apart from Eden, adding a richer and more unique flavor to your dishes. Depending on the recipe, you can choose between young and aged Fontina. 

Aged Fontina is ideal for grating due to its harder texture, ensuring it doesn’t crumble against a grater. On the other hand, young Fontina is preferable for recipes calling for a softer cheese texture.

9. Pepper Jack Cheese

Pepper Jack cheese, a well-known variant of Monterey Jack, emerges as an excellent substitute for Eden Cheese. Renowned for its melting ability, Pepper Jack introduces a distinct spicy and complex flavor, providing a unique twist to dishes compared to Eden’s salty simplicity. 

Infused with specks of various spices and chili peppers, it brings a hot and spicy element that complements a wide range of recipes. Pepper Jack becomes the ideal alternative when seeking a kick in your cheese dishes. However, it’s worth noting that due to its spicy nature, it may be more suitable for adult palates, and other options on the list might be preferable when catering to children.

10. Edam Cheese

Edam Cheese - Eden Cheese substitute

Edam cheese, originating from Edam, North Holland, is a fitting alternative for Eden Cheese. Renowned for its distinctive flat-edged ball shape and red paraffin wax coating, Edam offers a mild flavor and a creamy texture similar to Eden. This makes it a versatile choice to replace Eden in various dishes. 

Aged Edam cheese presents a firm texture with a sharp flavor, while young Edam is softer and milder, allowing you to choose based on your dish’s requirements. It’s worth considering that Eden cheese has a variant labeled “Queso de Bola Flavor,” available in blocks rather than the traditional ball shape of Edam.

11. Gruyere Cheese

Gruyere Cheese - Eden Cheese substitute

Gruyere cheese, a Swiss variety with a nutty, rich, and creamy flavor, is a viable Eden Cheese replacement. If you’re open to a hint of nuttiness and grassy notes, Gruyere works well in sandwiches and lends itself to melting in sauces and dips, similar to Eden. 

Opting for young Gruyere provides a milder shift in flavor, while aged Gruyere has a more earthy profile that might significantly alter your dish’s flavor. Despite being more expensive than Eden cheese, the flavor complexity Gruyere offers justifies its price, making it a worthwhile choice for those seeking a distinctive cheese experience.

12. Cheez Whiz

Cheez Whiz is a convenient Eden Cheese substitute in recipes, as both are processed cheese products from the same company. Acting more like a spreadable paste, Cheez Whiz can be used on sandwiches for a cheesy treat and is suitable for recipes like mac and cheese, similar to Eden cheese. 

Cheez Whiz is not solid, requiring minimal heat to transform it into a flowy liquid. This makes it a quick and easy option when you need a melted cheese consistency in your dishes without a prolonged melting process.

13. Appenzeller Cheese

appenzeller cheese - substitute for Eden Cheese

Appenzeller cheese, originating from Switzerland like Eden, presents itself as a Swiss cheese option. Crafted from cow’s milk, it boasts a mild aroma and smooth texture. What sets Appenzeller apart is its unique brining process, involving a secret brine recipe with local wine yeast and a blend of herbs. 

This process contributes to its distinctive nutty and fruity taste, which differs from the flavor profile of Eden cheese. Despite this variation, Appenzeller proves to be a noteworthy substitute for Eden cheese, offering its own set of distinctive and delightful characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eden Cheese The Same As Edam Cheese?

No, Eden Cheese is not the same as Edam Cheese. While both are cheese products, they differ in terms of origin, production processes, and taste. Eden Cheese is a processed cheese brand, originating in the Philippines and known for its creamy texture. On the other hand, Edam Cheese is a type of semi-hard cheese that comes from the Netherlands, recognized for its distinct round shape and mild, nutty flavor. 

Is Gouda Cheese Similar To Edam?

Yes, Gouda Cheese is similar to Edam. Both Gouda and Edam cheeses originate from the Netherlands, and they share similarities in their production processes and taste profiles. They belong to the category of Dutch cheeses, known for their mild flavors and smooth textures. The main difference lies in their textures and shapes, with Gouda being slightly creamier and Edam having a firmer texture. 

Is Edam Similar To Gruyere?

No, Edam is not similar to Gruyere. Edam is a Dutch cheese known for its mild, nutty flavor and firm texture, while Gruyere is a Swiss cheese recognized for its rich, earthy taste and semi-hard texture. They differ in origin, taste profiles, and uses in culinary applications. The distinct characteristics of Edam and Gruyere make them distinct varieties within the world of cheese.

Is Eden Cheese Same as Velveeta?

Yes, Eden Cheese is similar to Velveeta. Both are processed cheese products known for their creamy texture and melting properties. They undergo processing that includes blending with emulsifiers and other ingredients, making them convenient for various culinary applications. While there may be slight differences in taste and texture, they share the characteristic of being processed cheeses designed for easy melting and versatility in cooking.

Is Eden Cheese A True Cheese?

No, Eden Cheese is not a true cheese. It is a processed cheese product. While it contains cheese, it also includes additional ingredients like emulsifiers, preservatives, and flavor enhancers. The processing gives Eden Cheese its smooth texture and versatility but sets it apart from traditional, unprocessed cheeses.

What Type of Cheese Is Eden Cheese?

Eden Cheese is a processed cheese product. While it contains cheese, it also undergoes additional processing with emulsifiers and other ingredients to achieve its smooth texture and versatility. It is not a specific type of natural or unprocessed cheese but rather falls into the category of processed cheeses.

Is Eden Cheese Gouda?

No, Eden Cheese is not Gouda. Eden Cheese is a processed cheese brand originating from the Philippines, known for its creamy texture. On the other hand, Gouda is a traditional Dutch cheese with a semi-hard texture and distinctive taste. The two cheeses differ in origin, production methods, and flavor profiles, establishing them as distinct varieties in the world of cheese.

Is Eden Cheese Under Kraft?

Yes, Eden Cheese is under Kraft. It is a brand of processed cheese that is produced by Kraft Foods, a well-known multinational food conglomerate. Kraft Foods is responsible for creating and manufacturing Eden Cheese, which has become a popular choice, especially in the Philippines, for its creamy texture and versatility in cooking.

What Is the Ingredient of Eden Cheese?

The exact ingredients of Eden Cheese may vary, but it typically includes cheese, milk solids, water, butter, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and salt. The specific formulation might differ based on the variety or version of Eden Cheese. It’s essential to check the product’s packaging for the most accurate and up-to-date information on its ingredients.

Is Edelicious Cheese the Same as Eden Cheese?

No, Edelicious Cheese is not the same as Eden Cheese. While the names sound similar, they are different brands of cheese. Eden Cheese is produced by Kraft Foods and is known for its creamy texture, particularly in the Philippines. Edelicious Cheese, on the other hand, could be a distinct brand with its own characteristics. It’s essential to check the packaging and origin to differentiate between the two products.

Is Eden Cheese Meltable?

Yes, Eden Cheese is meltable. It is a processed cheese known for its smooth texture and ability to melt easily. This makes it a convenient choice for various recipes, especially those that require a creamy and melted cheese consistency.


When you can’t find Eden Cheese, there are various tasty substitutes to choose from. Each Eden cheese substitute brings its own flavor and texture, so you can pick the one that suits your dish best. 

Whether it’s the smooth melt of Velveeta, the rich creaminess of Ricotta, or the spicy kick of Pepper Jack, there’s a substitute for every preference. Keep experimenting in the kitchen to discover your favorite Eden Cheese alternative and make your dishes just as delicious!

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