10 Best Caerphilly Cheese Substitutes

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The best Caerphilly cheese substitutes are Cheddar cheese, Wensleydale cheese, Feta Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese, Havarti Cheese, Gouda Cheese, Colby Cheese, Lancashire Cheese, Muenster Cheese, and Fontina Cheese.

A friend of mine contacted me about a recipe she wanted to make that needed Caerphilly Cheese, but she couldn’t get her hands on any. She was really frustrated, and since looking for substitutes is my forte, I decided to help her out by looking for some good substitutes for the cheese.

In this article, you’ll get to learn some amazing substitutes for Caerphilly cheese that I found out and shared with my friend.

What is Caerphilly Cheese?

Caerphilly Cheese is a special cheese from Wales, known for being both hard and crumbly with a mild flavor. It has an interesting history linked to the coal mining industry in South Wales, where it was created to provide miners with a tasty and easy-to-carry snack. 

This cheese has a unique texture, slightly tangy taste with a hint of lemon, and it stands out because it’s ready to eat in just 8-14 days. There’s also a mature version aged for 2-3 months, offering a deeper flavor. 

Its pale white color and firm rind make it look good, and it’s versatile, perfect for sandwiches, salads, or melted dishes. People love pairing it with beers and white wines, making it a favorite for cheese boards and food pairings.

What’s a Good Substitute for Caerphilly Cheese?

1. Cheddar Cheese

cheddar cheese - substitute for Caerphilly cheese

Cheddar cheese is an excellent substitute for Caerphilly Cheese due to its versatility, akin texture, and comparable taste. Known for its wide availability, cheddar can seamlessly replace Caerphilly in various dishes. Both cheeses share a crumbly texture, making cheddar a suitable alternative for recipes that call for Caerphilly. 

Whether in sandwiches, salads, or melted on dishes, cheddar’s adaptability allows it to mimic the charm of Caerphilly. Its widespread accessibility ensures that cheddar becomes a convenient and satisfying choice when Caerphilly is not readily available, offering a delightful experience.

2. Wensleydale Cheese

wensleydale cheese - Caerphilly cheese substitute

Wensleydale cheese is an excellent substitute for Caerphilly Cheese, offering a comparable crumbly and moist texture. Originating from England, Wensleydale shares the distinctive crumbliness of Caerphilly, making it a fitting alternative in various dishes. 

The mild flavor of Wensleydale cheese further enhances its versatility as a substitute, ensuring that it can seamlessly replace Caerphilly in recipes. Whether crumbled on salads or incorporated into sandwiches, Wensleydale’s moist and crumbly nature brings a similar textural delight, providing a satisfying alternative when Caerphilly is not readily accessible.

3. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese - substitute for Caerphilly cheese

Despite its slightly saltier profile, Feta cheese stands out as a viable Caerphilly Cheese substitute. The crumbly texture and tangy flavor of feta closely parallel the characteristics of Caerphilly, making it a suitable alternative in different dishes. 

While feta may introduce more saltiness, its crumbly nature ensures a comparable textural experience. This Mediterranean cheese can be successfully integrated into recipes calling for Caerphilly. Its unique blend of saltiness and tanginess offers a delightful twist, making it a versatile choice for those seeking an alternative to Caerphilly Cheese.

4. Monterey Jack Cheese

Monterey Jack cheese is an excellent alternative to Caerphilly Cheese, particularly in cooked dishes. Hailing from America, Monterey Jack boasts a mild flavor and a smooth texture, providing a distinct yet complementary alternative. Its ability to melt seamlessly makes it a versatile choice for recipes that require the melty goodness of Caerphilly. 

While Monterey Jack may differ in texture and origin, its mild taste ensures a comparable flavor profile, adding a creamy element to various cooked dishes. This American cheese proves to be a delightful substitute, contributing its unique qualities while fulfilling the role of Caerphilly in a wide range of cuisines.

5. Havarti Cheese

Havarti cheese, a Danish delight, is a great Caerphilly Cheese alternative, especially in sandwiches or salads. This cheese is known for its creamy texture and mild flavor, giving a similar experience to Caerphilly. 

So, Havarti is the way to go when you can’t find Caerphilly but want that smooth and mild touch in your sandwich or salad. It may be from Denmark, but it can bring the same creamy goodness to your dishes, making it a tasty choice when Caerphilly is playing hard to find.

6. Gouda Cheese

Straight out of the Netherlands, Gouda cheese is a fantastic stand-in for Caerphilly Cheese. With its slightly sweet flavor and smooth texture, Gouda brings a different vibe that works wonders. 

When you’re aiming for that smooth and melty goodness, especially in dishes where Caerphilly is the star, Gouda steps up to the plate. Even though it’s Dutch by birth, Gouda knows how to be a versatile substitute, adding a touch of sweetness to the mix. So, if Caerphilly is taking a back seat, let Gouda shine in your melted cheese creations.

7. Colby Cheese

Colby cheese, hailing from the USA, is a great replacement for Caerphilly Cheese. It shares a flavor profile similar to Cheddar but leans towards a more delicate taste. The firm texture of Colby makes it an excellent substitute for Caerphilly, especially when looking for that crumbly goodness in your dishes. 

So, if Caerphilly is taking a rain check, Colby steps up with its American charm, adding a touch of familiarity with a hint of uniqueness. Whether in sandwiches, salads, or any recipe calling for Caerphilly, Colby brings its delightful character to the table.

8. Lancashire Cheese

Lancashire cheese - Caerphilly cheese substitutes

Lancashire cheese, another gem from England, makes a wonderful Caerphilly Cheese replacement. This cheese is crumbly and buttery, bringing a mild flavor that can seamlessly replace Caerphilly in various recipes. 

Lancashire steps in with its English charm if you’re missing that crumbly texture and gentle taste. Lancashire adds its delightful touch from sandwiches to salads, making it a reliable choice when Caerphilly is not in sight. So, the next time your recipe calls for Caerphilly, and it’s nowhere to be found, let Lancashire take the stage for a tasty twist.

9. Muenster Cheese

Muenster cheese, a semi-soft delight, is a fantastic alternative for Caerphilly Cheese, especially in dishes that call for melted goodness. Muenster brings a different but equally delightful twist with its mild flavor and smooth texture. 

So, when your recipe craves that melty goodness but Caerphilly is playing hide and seek, Muenster is your go-to. Its versatility shines in various dishes, adding a creamy touch. Even though it’s not exactly like Caerphilly, Muenster brings its charm to the table, making it a tasty alternative when the crumbly Welsh cheese is out of reach.

10. Fontina Cheese

Fontina Cheese - Caerphilly cheese substitute

Fontina cheese, straight from Italy, is a wonderful Caerphilly Cheese alternative, particularly after that melt-in-your-mouth experience. With its mild flavor and creamy texture, Fontina brings a touch of Italian flair to your dishes. When your recipe craves a cheese that melts seamlessly, Fontina steps in with its versatile melting properties. 

Although not identical to Caerphilly, Fontina’s mild and creamy nature makes it a suitable alternative, adding its own delicious twist to various dishes. So, when Caerphilly is a no-show, let Fontina take center stage for a flavorful and melty goodness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cheese Is Most Like Caerphilly?

A cheese most like Caerphilly would be Cheshire cheese. Both hail from the UK and share similarities in texture and flavor. Cheshire cheese is crumbly, slightly tangy, and has a firm texture, much like Caerphilly. While not identical, Cheshire can be a good substitute when Caerphilly is unavailable. Other options like Wensleydale or Lancashire cheese may offer a crumbly texture and mild flavor, making them alternatives worth trying in recipes that call for Caerphilly cheese.

Is Caerphilly Cheese a Cheddar?

No, Caerphilly Cheese is not a Cheddar. It comes from the town of Caerphilly in Wales. Unlike Cheddar, which is a firm and smooth cheese, Caerphilly is hard yet crumbly with a unique texture. Its origins are tied to the coal mining industry in South Wales, where it was crafted to provide miners with a nourishing and easy-to-carry snack. Caerphilly has a quicker aging process, ready to eat in 8-14 days, compared to Cheddar, which typically ages for months or even years. While both are delicious, Caerphilly stands out for its distinct characteristics and Welsh charm.

Is Caerphilly Cheese Crumbly?

Yes, Caerphilly Cheese is crumbly. It hails from the town of Caerphilly in Wales and is known for its unique hard yet crumbly texture. This characteristic sets it apart from other cheeses. The origins of Caerphilly Cheese are linked to the coal mining industry in South Wales, where it was created to provide miners with a nourishing and easily portable food. The cheese’s crumbly texture and slightly tangy flavor make it a distinctive and enjoyable, especially when compared to smoother cheeses like Cheddar.

What Does Caerphilly Taste Like?

Caerphilly Cheese has a mild and slightly tangy flavor. It’s not too overpowering, making it versatile for various dishes. Some describe its taste as fresh and lemony, adding a pleasant zing to the palate. The cheese’s flavor profile is influenced by its quick aging process, which allows it to be ready in just 8-14 days. While it shares some characteristics with other crumbly cheeses, the unique combination of mildness, tanginess, and a hint of lemon sets Caerphilly apart, providing a distinct and delightful taste experience.

Will Caerphilly Cheese Melt?

Yes, Caerphilly Cheese can melt. Originating from Caerphilly in Wales, this cheese is known for its hard yet crumbly texture. While it isn’t as gooey as some melting cheeses, Caerphilly softens and becomes creamy when exposed to heat. It might not have the same smooth and stretchy consistency as mozzarella, but it adds a delightful creaminess when melted. This makes it a versatile choice for dishes with a unique texture and a touch of Welsh flavor, whether in sandwiches, melted on crackers, or various recipes.

Is Caerphilly Cheese Still Available?

Yes, Caerphilly Cheese is still available. Originating from Caerphilly in Wales, this unique cheese has faced some challenges regarding availability due to factors like production and distribution. However, many producers continue to make and offer Caerphilly Cheese, ensuring it remains accessible to those who appreciate its distinct flavor and crumbly texture. While it might not be as widely available as some more common cheeses, you can still find Caerphilly in specialty stores, certain markets, or directly from producers dedicated to keeping this Welsh cuisine delight in circulation.

Is Caerphilly Cheese Soft?

No, Caerphilly Cheese is not soft. It comes from Caerphilly in Wales and is known for its hard yet crumbly texture. Caerphilly has a firm consistency, unlike soft cheeses, making it distinct in its category. The cheese was originally crafted for miners in South Wales, and its hardness and crumbliness made it a practical and satisfying snack. So, while it’s not soft like some creamy cheeses, its unique texture contributes to the appeal of Caerphilly, offering a delightful experience with a touch of Welsh history.


When you can’t find Caerphilly Cheese, there are plenty of tasty substitutes to explore. Whether it’s the crumbly goodness of Cheddar, Havarti’s creamy charm, or Fontina’s Italian flair, each cheese brings its unique touch to your dishes. From sandwiches to melted delights, these alternatives can make your recipes just as delicious. So, don’t worry if Caerphilly is hard to find – there’s a world of cheesy possibilities waiting for you to discover and savor!

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